Wildland Labs, Inc. Announces Exciting Changes in Leadership and Service Offerings

RICHLAND, Wash. (August 9, 2019) – As part of its ongoing growth and development of strategic offerings, Wildland Labs, Inc.,…

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City of Pasco Logo Redesign

A city logo is a visual representation that solidifies a distinct city personality, promotes tourism and business, and bolsters a…

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Team Spotlight Oso Meza Hero

Team Spotlight: Oso Meza

Today we get to meet the bear of BrandCraft… Oso Meza! Why did you become a designer? My career options…

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5 Steps Toward a More Organized Workflow Hero

5 Steps Toward a More Organized Workflow: Conquering Project Management

At BrandCraft, we are a creative agency but handle our clients and projects similarly to many other small and mid-sized…

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Reasons Why You Should Stay Diverse In Design - Jessi Miracle

Four Ways to Stay Diverse In Design

Illustrating and designing have been passions of mine for as long as I can remember. Nothing has been more exciting…

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Team Spotlight Jessi Miracle Hero

Team Spotlight: Jessica Miracle

Why did you become a graphic designer/illustrator? I’ve always loved art and drew all the time. I still have sketchbooks…

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Throwback Thursday Denovo Law Practice Management Software

Throwback Thursdays: Denovo Law Practice Management Software

Today we’re looking back on the work we’ve done for the Denovo branding and website. Just as the website states,…

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Communicating Design Hero

Communicating Successfully Through Design : The Starbucks Way

Nearly everyone knows what Starbucks is––and what their offerings are––even if they’re not a coffee drinker. The Starbucks branding is…

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The PROOF is in the Fresh Press…and the Signature Burger

We kicked off our inaugural 2018 Food Fun Friday with an extended lunch excursion to one of Tri-Cities newest, locally-owned…

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Tech Tuesday Typography

Tech Tuesday: A Lesson In Typography With Herb

Today we got a chance to pick the brain of our team’s type guru, Herb Collingridge. He was generous enough…

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Researched Educational and Innovative Content Marketing with REI Hero

Content Marketing (Part One): An REI Case Study

The term content marketing has become a bit of a buzzword in the marketing world over the past few years….

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Alissa Petersen

Wednesday Spotlight: Alissa Petersen

Today BrandCraft got some insight into one of our newest team members, Alissa Petersen. Hired on as a Manager of…

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