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Localized Marketing for National Expansion


Gravis Law PLLC, is a high growth law firm with roots in Eastern, WA and spreading quickly across the northwest and into other part of the United States. Their mission is to provide tailored legal services for their clients in numerous communities while alleviating the stress of legal challenges by making the law affordable, accessible, and uncomplicated.

The Challenge

Being a high growth company, Gravis Law needed a marketing partner that could keep up with their quickly growing marketing needs as they continue to open new offices.


Gravis Law enlisted BrandCraft Marketing to support them with everything from print, to digital marketing to data analytics and reporting. All while being able to sustain the growth of their law firm across the nation from 1 location to 12 in two years. The combination of their branding and digital marketing allows them to be quickly established in new markets and generate new consults within the first month of opening.