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Engaging Employers for Commuter Benefits


Luum is a Seattle based commuter benefits software company offering a robust single system resource, ideal for employees and employers alike. They’re goal is to streamline the administration of commuter benefits as a tool for attracting and retaining top talent.

The Challenge

Luum had a need to showcase their commuter benefits software to consumers in a style that reinforced their sleek and user-friendly brand. Theyrequired a web redesign as well as a graphic style that better represented how sophisticated they have become as an organization.


BrandCraft developed a new website inspired by the engaging and clean design of Luum’s commuter benefits software. Maintaining a similar overall simplicity to the web design while adding sophisticated functionality nodded at the strong branding of Lumm’s organization.



Web Design

Luum needed a web presence that displayed all their content in a dynamic, easy to consume platform. Creating a site that was clean and engaging to introduce consumers to their software. Over 80% of consumers research products and services online before making a purchase decision - making your website your greatest sales tool. Make sure it is engaging the user and providing an ideal experience to close the sale through visuals, content, and functionality.


Graphic Design

As Luum took their product to consumers, they needed congruent imagery and graphics. Our designers illustrated designs based on their lengthy messaging to break the information into manageable excerpts for consumers. Creating a brand aesthetic based on color and illustration style so Luum's presentation is consistent and recognizable to consumers.